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    3rd Party Verification

    Service orientation towards independent Quality Control and Quality Assurance

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    To provide quality and technological services that consistently adds value to our clients operations.

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    ISQ Norway holds over 20 years experience in supplying consultants, inspectors and engineers to the Norwegian offshore industry.

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    Global Organisation

    A global network of technology and quality.


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One small step for Offshore Engineers and technicains looking for work


So you have lost your job and NAV help is at hand to tide you over for a while. You have bread on the table and milk in the fridge but you think twice about buying what previously was loose spending. It now has become a luxury.

All those who loose work or get 'permitert' take stock and think through the buffer in the bank, the debt and loans which have to be paid, the food bill, the electricity bill, the tax bill, and worst of all where is the the next paycheck coming from after help from NAV runs out. Am I the only one in trouble or too proud to join up with others? And you ask again, When is the help from NAV running out? I have always pulled my weight and done right by the company who should look after me.

You look around and recognize that you have reached the moment of truth as Macron calls it. Merkel calls it we are going to have to take our future in our own hands. Never were such words more easily understandable in the current workforce, young and old.

What are the next steps? Should you use your talents and go for it alone? What about the taxes, accounts, auditors, legal requirements? How do I ..? There are a million questions to be asked and answered. Next time I will not be fooled so easily, you say to your self. But the lure of a regular job and regular wage still is strong. So is the lure of becoming an independent consultant, be your own boss and land on your feet.

They say when in doubt, take next small step. Don't worry if you choose the wrong step because if it is wrong, you will know very quickly. If it is right, what did you loose?

If you recognize what I am talking about and wish to understand more, let me invite you to talk to me about making ISQ Norway as your next small step into the consulting business world with potential to work on in-house projects.  We are an organization tied to ISQ Portugal, an independent Institute owned by Industry. Our basic business is services including consulting and yet part of the renewed ambition is to become the true engineering architects focused on design and  follow up of larger industrial projects. We work with well known names in Norway.


Send me your pertinent details on one A4 page and then call me on +47 0157862. Let me share my story, hopes and dreams with you. I am changing the Company by using a methodology which I like to call the next small step. I do not want to go fast. I want us to go long.



ISQ Norway



ISQ Norway (formerly ISQ Spec) is part of a quality and technology network that has been serving the North Sea offshore market since 1987.

Our growth has been through participation in engineering, construction and development activities on most of the major offshore developments in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. This has given us experience in working on modules for Topsides, FPSO’s, GBS, subsea developments, flowlines and pipelines.

Our extensive contact network and time and again proved beneficial to main contractors and clients in achieving their aims by active participation and adding value where it is needed most.

Scope of Services




News and Events

ISQ participates in Space Forum

ISQ will be participating in the Space Forum's fifth edition on the 5th November at the Pavilion of Knowledge, in Lisbon.


ISQ at Air Days 2014

The ISQ Group attended the international event Aerospace Industry & Research Days, which took place in Lisbon, Portugal, from the 6th - 8th October.


Europe Let’s GO

The ISQ Group has always been committed to training young people. Our goal is to provide technical training and individual, personalised support to each of the young individuals who come to us. We aren't a school! We are a technological body whose mission is to train and qualify people.


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