• 3rd Party Verification
    3rd Party Verification

    Service orientation towards independent Quality Control and Quality Assurance

  • Mission

    To provide quality and technological services that consistently adds value to our clients operations.

  • Consulting

    ISQ Norway holds over 20 years experience in supplying consultants, inspectors and engineers to the Norwegian offshore industry.

  • Global Organisation
    Global Organisation

    A global network of technology and quality.

Technical Integrity Management


Our focus is to deliver independent service, assisting operators with the optimisation of remnant life and performance of facilities, while ensuring consistency in regards to security, environment and economical strategic objectives.Our specialists provide support for developing suitable maintenance strategies in line with an operators’ philosophy. We develop and optimize condition based maintenance and inspection programs based on methodologies such as:


  • Failure Mode Effect Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
  • Material Selection
  • Asset Registry



Risk Based Inspection:

ISQ provides state of the art Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and interval settings. By linking equipment failure and inspection, the ISQ RBI approach allows for greater attention to be paid to equipment with higher risk profiles, including associated degradation mechanics. The result is cost effective inspection while maintaining high levels of safety and reliability. We are specialists in maintaining the mechanical integrity of pressure systems and minimizing the risk of loss of containment due to degradation mechanisms.

The ISQ RBI methodology provides a fully quantitative assessment, degradation assessment, detailed inspection planning, and operating windows and data migration.

Key benefits of such an integrity management system includes reduced risk, reduced downtime, more flexible inspection intervals, increased efficiency, auditable processes and increased safety.


Material Selection:

Based upon our expertise on material degradation mechanisms, operating conditions, existing materials on facility, CAPEX and OPEX, ISQ recommend the best material selection for a specific plant or facility.

ISQ Materials Laboratory as the capacity for simulation and material studies on the harshest environments.

ISQ also provides consulting services across the globe both for EPC and for Operators, often being invited as expert panel during shareholders periodical audits on Operators.

Support Services: