• 3rd Party Verification
    3rd Party Verification

    Service orientation towards independent Quality Control and Quality Assurance

  • Mission

    To provide quality and technological services that consistently adds value to our clients operations.

  • Consulting

    ISQ Norway holds over 20 years experience in supplying consultants, inspectors and engineers to the Norwegian offshore industry.

  • Global Organisation
    Global Organisation

    A global network of technology and quality.



ISQ's 21 accredited laboratories provide essential in-house support to other ISQ services. The laboratories also provide external services ranging from product certification to equipment calibration to customised design tests at high temperatures and vacuum conditions. As an example ISQ designs and performs tests of Thermal Protection Materials for the atmospheric re-entry of the IXV space vehicle.

The majority of these laboratories are located in Portugal.


ISQ Laboratories include:

LABCAB Electrical Cables Testing Laboratory  
LABEL Electrical Equipment Testing Laboratory  
LABEND Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory  
LABET Thermodynamic Testing Laboratory  
LABMEC Mechanical Behavior Laboratory  
LABMM Metallurgy and Materials Laboratory  
LABQUI Environment and Chemistry Laboratory  
LABRD Noise and Acoustic Testing Laboratory  
LABMETRO Metrology Laboratories
  • Electricity and Frequency/Time
  • Radio Telecommunication and Frequencies
  • Electricity, Time/Frequency, Telecommunication and Radio Frequency (Mobile)
  • Dimensional Control
  • Pressure
  • Force
  • Mass
  • Temperature
  • Gas

Support Services: