• 3rd Party Verification
    3rd Party Verification

    Service orientation towards independent Quality Control and Quality Assurance

  • Mission

    To provide quality and technological services that consistently adds value to our clients operations.

  • Consulting

    ISQ Norway holds over 20 years experience in supplying consultants, inspectors and engineers to the Norwegian offshore industry.

  • Global Organisation
    Global Organisation

    A global network of technology and quality.

Design and Compliance Review


ISQ offers design review and assistance in conforming with required standards. Our extensive expertise and experience with working on various standards from around the world, means ISQ can assist with taking the necessary steps to ensure equipment and structures follow required national and international standards. Our main competence areas include structure, pressure equipment and piping.

We take advantage of analytical and experimental methodologies. Comprehensive tension analysis for structures, equipment or piping is based on finite elements methodologies. We also provide on-site verification of modifications and changes, witness load testing and NDT.

ISQ can act as a Notified Body when required (more information).

We also offer expertise as technical consultants as a separate and distinct service. We can assist with the assembly of Technical Files in accordance with applicable standards, regulations and directives. Likewise we can provide evaluation of a wide range of Technical Files, including drawings and calculation for all pieces, materials certificates, welding procedures, technical qualifications of welders, instruction handbooks and the corresponding health and safety requirements.


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