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    3rd Party Verification

    Service orientation towards independent Quality Control and Quality Assurance

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    To provide quality and technological services that consistently adds value to our clients operations.

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    ISQ Norway holds over 20 years experience in supplying consultants, inspectors and engineers to the Norwegian offshore industry.

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    Global Organisation

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Remnant Life Assessment


An evaluation of the remaining lifetime of both equipment and industrial facilities. With experience from the offshore industries in Norway, Brazil and Angola, our service verifies the operation of equipment and facilities for its particular function, while taking into account cost calculations and safety conditions. ISQ is supported by its extensive network of laboratories that allows for solution based improvement and upgrades. ISQ are specialists in the condition assessment of high temperature piping, pipe hangs and pressure vessels. This overall evaluation establishes the operating parameters of equipment and/or facilities thereby providing a fitness for service evaluation.

A combination of services are required:

  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
  • Analysis and assessment of the factory’s past activities
  • Review of the survey results and analysis of potential failure mechanisms
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Materials Analysis
  • Strain and Internal Strain Analysis
  • On-line Computerization of Equipment Mechanisms (strain, deformation, temperature and pressure watch)
  • Solutions for Material Behaviour Improvement
  • Statistical Data Assessment and Comparisons
  • Assessment and Report of Remaining Operational Lifetime


Support Services: